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Yesterday Fall Term started for the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup. Threads for September classes, Quiddich, Phoenixes, and OWLs magically appeared on the HPKCHC board. That old beginning of term mania kicked in. Knit all the things! Please don't ask why earning imaginary points for an online game motivates me to knitting madness. Let's just say arbitrary deadlines are important to someone with knitter's ADD. Not that I'm easily distracted. Oh, look! Shiny! 

The message finally got through this afternoon: you cannot knit all the things. I want to knit all the things. I have enough yarn to knit all the things. But I do not have enough time to knit all the things. Even if I forgo sleep, work still siphons off most of my waking hours. Where did August go? Fly to Indy, drive to CoMO, cover 3 cases today, expense reports. Exercise, when? Sift through nearly 30 years accumulation in this house. And no matter what my kids say, Hoarders would not consider me for an episode. Excuse me, do not touch the yarn. And how am I supposed to weed when there's a Monarch larva already munching on the milkweed in my flower garden?

Now that I've organized my Ravelry Queue for the first Quidditch Challenge, it feels like I have some sort of knitting plan for the next 3 months. Time to finally start that Mitered Crosses Blankie in House colors. Pretty Traveller!

Between blankie squares and the random hat for Fifth Street Ministries, I might have enough knitting for House Cup classes this term. Now excuse me while I go wind some yarn :D


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