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 Clearly I should not be allowed to drink a Starbucks Grande half Latte at 4 PM, even if I can expense it. Granted, it did keep me awake during the 2 hour drive home from Columbia. That 9:30 PM faceplant on the keyboard never occurred. At 3 AM I finished wrapping the last of 44 labels around cute little 5 gram skeins of Skinny Bugga! Yes, there is a sock yarn blankie of some sort in my future. But not right now.

Present knitting project did not progress so well. Heard of second sock syndrome? I'm trying to finish the mate to the Undulating Rib Socks that have languished since 2010. Other shiny projects begged for my attention. Panda Wool makes my hands hurt. But last Sunday I made myself cast on that second sock. This detritus from my failed Care of Magical Creatures OWL needs to move on down the Ravelry Project page. It's time to slay this Basilisk once and for all. Besides I needed a present for Cheryl's birthday. Tomorrow. 

Last night I finished the sock leg and started happily down the heel flap. Got about halfway finished before the realization hit. In my caffeine coma, I had forgotten to exchange the circular needle for the next smaller size down. Yes, I'm one of those who knits socks and anything else in the round on 2 circulars. How else can I knit the heel and sole with a tinier needle for greater durability?

Cry of pain and anguish. Frog. Replace needle. Just keep knitting. Soon after I remembered that the Skinny Bugga! swap minis had to go out in today's mail. Still not back to where I frogged that heel. Oh, well. I probably won't finish in time. But I'm not above gift wrapping the unfinished project, then demanding it back. I get to keep the needles. Even trade.

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