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On June 23 after nearly 9 years in the Department of Mysteries, I stepped out of the St. James Infirmary one last time and into the Vanishing Cabinet. Or so it would appear. A whirlwind road trip to visit family in Virginia and North Carolina was followed by a cross-country flight to California for NEO (New Employee Orientation). Exactly one week later I arrived back in St. Louis at 2 AM. Trailing yarn, business clothes and a new laptop behind me through the deserted airport, I hailed a cab and headed home.

The new job seems to occupy most of my waking moments. There is no time clock or office, just learning modules, cases to support, expense reports, and labyrinths leading nowhere on the corporate website. I like my new job. It pays me handsomely to do more of what I already did. It seems funny to say I'm in sales when what I really do is provide technical support for 3D electroanatomical mapping of cardiac arrhythmias. I may have gone corporate, but like Neo I did not take the blue pill.

My inner geek may rejoice in this high tech world, but my knitting time has certainly suffered. This past month I knit one cotton dishcloth to satisfy requirements for the HPKCHC and SFAC Ravelry group competitions. Nothing else. Unfinished shawls and socks languish while my yarn stash threatens to become the only company I keep.

Need to remedy that. So before I head over to my friend's, I'll pack up my knitting, electric drill, and a few movies (HP-DH1, Miyazaki, Dr. Horrible). On my way there, I'll pick up some beer, popcorn and sushi for the curtain hanging movie marathon. Another Saturday night.
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